4 Ways Cardstock Make Sense for Businesses

Though packaging was earlier used to ship goods from the manufacturers to the consumers, it has been perfected over time, and became an integral part of the shipping and marketing process. Today, it preserves virtually any type of goods during transit. This revolution in the packaging industry hasn’t ceased yet. In fact, it is exceedingly used to shield products from external hazards in distribution chains. 


In the industrial sector, cardstock packaging has clearly won the battle against the plastic and wooden boxes by becoming a popular choice to package mass consumer products, including false eyelashes. Proof of this is the staggering number of products that are packed in cardstock packaging and pass through our eyes every day.  

But do you know how cardstock packaging material benefits businesses? 

Cardstock Packaging is a Sustainable Alternative 

The number of people that care about preserving the environment is only growing with time. As a result, we see that the demand for environmentally friendly packages has surged. Thanks to these eco-conscious buyers, brands across the globe are swiftly embracing recyclable and renewable packaging solutions. 

One prominent industry that is leading the way in this regard is the cosmetic sector. A high percentage of beauty brands are leveraging cardstock material to create eco-friendly custom packaging for their products because consumers’ education and awareness have remarkably driven the demand. Eyelash extension is a prime example as it comes to custom eyelashes boxes that are usually made out of cardstock or green packaging material.  

The best thing about these paper-based eyelash boxes wholesale supply is they can effectively convey your brand story. Meaning, you can customize them the way you like. Whether you want to print high-quality graphics, images, brand marks, or more to communicate your brand’s story, custom eyelash boxes carved out of cardstock material will favor your brand.     

Cardstock Boxes are a Practical Choice 

Take the pasta box, for instance. It’s a proven design that provides reliable stackability in the retail environment and turns out to be the perfect solution for displaying your brand and product information. As far as consumers are concerned, the pasta box keeps the packed product safe and offers the convenience to store and serve the pasta from home without any hassle. 

You can also use the secondary packaging solution to pack and deliver the product from one place to another. More sturdy packaging material such as corrugated box is precisely engineered to transport the primary package contents to their retail destination. Best of all, both the primary and secondary packaging solutions can be recycled multiple times to produce brand new packaging. 

Paper-Based Packaging can Serve Multiple Purposes 

With the prompt growth of the e-commerce industry, where products are being individually shipped, paper-based packaging is frequently used along with corrugated boxes. Everything from makeup kits to diapers and more can be directly encased in these packaging solutions that are sturdy and attractive enough to lure customers in the retail stores. They can also be used as serving containers when the end consumer takes them home. 

Paper-Based Packaging Material is Ideal for Prototyping 

Packaging companies love to work with paper-based and corrugated cardboard packaging because they are ideal for what is commonly termed as rapid prototyping—an iteration of the packaging that is used until it isn’t perfected. With paper-based material, prototypes can be built and tested in a short time frame. 

It’s an inexpensive and quick process to build and test a packaging solution, especially when the design is in its final stage, and you need to make the die cuts to cut cartons on a production line.   

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