5 Key points to write a good essay

Do you feel numb or sigh out of stress when you see a new essay assignment coming your way? Do you feel stressed when you realize that an essay writing work involves a lot of research and citation work?

5 Key points to write a good essay

We are here to make that process easy for you. Our experts at writingmyessay have come up with 5 key points that can help you nail your essay. 

5 Amazing Tips To Nail Your Essay

Lay the structure straight

This is one of the most important points i.e. getting your structure right. You should work on 5 solid paragraphs where the introduction and conclusion occupy only 1 paragraph each while the body includes 3 paragraphs. Keep your main point or opinion in the introduction and your sub-points in the body. Make the structure neat and precise.

Can your topic grab the user’s attention?

Topic selection shouldn’t be considered lightly because it can change the complete result. If your topic of the essay isn’t interesting enough your readers will never show interest. Choose a topic that sparks a response or surprise to the readers.

Be specific in choosing the main points and sub-points

Your main argument/point is the backbone of your essayIt holds together other sub-points and supporting content. Make sure you have only 3-4 solid points and they are all clear and precise. Your reader will decide whether to proceed or not with your essay further after reading your main argument in the introduction, so pay the most attention to that.

Edit & proofread your essay

You should leave no stone unturned to edit your essay. While writing every writer has a huge though process. The flow of the essay is also unstoppable. That’s why we recommend two things. First, you should always make an outline and then write the essay. Secondly, your essay should be edited and proofread thoroughly. You can seek outside help, use tools, or do it by yourself.

Format your essay well

An essay needs certain formatting and therefore you should read a few essays just to check out the formatting. See how other authors have done. Also, institutions lay out the formatting instructions too for students. Your essay will look professional only if abides by formatting, editing, academic approach, and has a scientific language. You can ask some editor or your colleague to help you with formatting and editing both.


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