Knuckle Duster – Cool Punching Tool

The knuckle duster is a cool punching tool that falls into the category of a self defense weapon. The tool is made up of metal, and you wear it on your knuckles to deliver hardcore punches to the enemy. Wearing them saves your knuckles from getting hurt, and you get to deliver rock solid punches to the enemy.

Knuckle Duste

A couple knows the tool of cool names such as brass knuckles, knucks, knuckle buster, etc. All of them mean the same thing. Using the tool is also an art as you should not be punching in the straight direction; rather, you should be going for rounded punches. 

With self defense becoming an important thing to learn, it is also recommended that you equip yourself with the right weapon. The knuckle dusters for sale are one such tool that can keep you safe in your hard. They come in many cool forms to buy from. 

Knuckle Duster for Sale – Various Types Available

There are various types of Knuckle Duster for sale available in markets. They differ in terms of designs, finger holes, and additional features. The written down are a few tools that you will find most of the time.

  • Designed Cool Brass Knuckles

The designed cool brass knuckles are tools that feature cool drawings or designs on top. The bullet knuckle features a bullet made on top, whereas the AK 47 knuckle has the gun on top. You also get fantasy type tools that include the cardinal and the blessed evil knuckle. The color options in the knuckles are also not limited as you get plain ones and colored ones. 

  • Different Style Knuckles

The cat knuckles are a famous weapon under this category. Unlike all other knuckles, they only have two finger holes and have a cat face design. The fancy design of this tool makes it an exceptional tool for women. Along with the fancy look, the tool also has an added feature, and that is, it has a keychain that can be used for ringing your keys with it. 

  • Branded Knuckles

If you are looking for real knuckle dusters for sale that stay with you for a long time, you need to go on to look for the branded knuckles. Top brands offer the branded collection. You get to buy long-lasting, reliable weapons, and you also get to buy weapons that are themed, such as the zombie weapon. 

  • Added Features

A couple of tools on display also come with added features where you get keychain in some of them that can help you keep your belongings safe. And in some cases, with some tools, you get the bottle opener, which can open up your drinks while on the move. 

What is a Knuckle Duster?

The Knuckle Duste are just another name that the knuckles are known as. They are a tool used for safety purposes and used by wearing them on top of your knuckles. You can punch with them instead of your knuckles, which turn out to be quite useful. 

Can Knuckle Dusters Kill?

The Knuckle Duste tools fall into the category of safe self defense weapons. They only cause external injuries; however, if you hit it at the wrong point, you may end up getting into trouble. Therefore, you need to learn the tool’s use, and then you should consider buying it. 

Usage of the Tool

The tool is not only known for the many types it has, but it is also unique because of the numerous ways it has of using it. Knuckle Duste First off, as it is the best self defense weapon to carry, you can easily protect yourself with it. No matter if you are moving by bus or are walking to work, if you ever get into trouble, you can easily protect yourself with the tool.

The tool weights as it is made up of metal. You can use it as a paperweight by placing it on top of your papers. Along with making sure your papers don’t fly off, the tool also gives an attractive look when placed in your workstation.

You can collect the tool as it has a history, and today you also get to buy it in a couple of cool and fancy designs. Add it to a collection, display it, and leave people stunned. You can even decide on gifting the tool to people concerned about their safety. 

What is Brass Knuckles Made Out of?

The knuckles are made up of different types of metal. In most cases, you will find them made out of brass. Being made up of brass gives them weight and makes them effective in punching. 

Buy the Cheap Knuckle Dusters

The Knuckle Duste time may have come where you may be looking for the pricing and places to buy the cheap knuckle dusters for sale. Well, the good thing about the weapon is that it can be purchased from a variety of physical stores and online places like the PAKnives.

The other significant bit about the tool is that it is offered at pocket easy prices. You can buy one, or you can buy in bulk to make money by selling them. Find out places nearby you that offer the knuckle duster and buy your safety weapon today.

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