10 Simple But Important Things You Can Do To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

10 Simple But Important Things You Can Do To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or ED shall impact more than 320 million men across the world by the end of 2025. The prevalence rate in Australia alone is almost 40%. ED is basically a sexual problem which prevents the men from attaining and retaining the erection in the penis long enough for the complete penetration and satisfied completion of the intercourse.

This is a highly persisting issue faced by both the young and old men. In Australia the probability of young men having ED is 1:10 while the probability for the older men in Australia having ED is 1:5. These statistics make it clear that it is primarily not an age or health restricted disease. Psychological issues, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle are also high contributors to the increasing rate of ED.

Oral pills are one of the most common remedy used to attain and retain firmness in the penis. Viagra, Avanafil, Levitra and Cialis are some commonly used pills for the purpose. Each of them has a different active ingredient and it should be bought and used as per the doctor’s prescription. Kamagra manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals of India is a counterpart of Viagra having the same ingredient Sildenafil. Apart from being available in the form of pills and jelly Buy Avanafil Australia is another popular form of the product. These tablets are to be kept in the mouth and sucked where they dissolve and enter the system. Avanafil has a success ratio of almost 80%. The reaction starts in less than thirty minutes and stays for almost 4 hours.

Medicines for ED should be bought and used if recommended by the doctor. It should be bought from authorized dealers only. In Australia all of the above mentioned medicines are available including Avanafil. You can even buy the original medicines online in Australia from OZ Meds Online.  Apart from medicines, treatments include the use of physical pumps and rings and in rare cases putting implants in the penis through surgeries.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies; certain simple and easy changes in the daily routine can result in bringing positive changes and help in preventing the condition. Life style changes which tend to alter the condition are:

  1. Keep yourself Physically Active: Physical exercises have many benefits including keeping ED at bay. A small walk, little exercise or simply moving about can help in keeping the blood sugar and pressure levels in check. It keeps obesity, diabetes and cardiac system healthy. According to a survey regular exercise of 2.7 hours weekly for half a year helps in reducing ED issues. Exercises like swimming, yoga, aerobics not only help in losing weight but also keeps the entire body in motion and lets the blood flow.
  2. Eat healthy: Healthy intake of food will keep you healthy both internally and externally. Avoid processed food, food rich in sugar, cholesterol and red meat. Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and full grain products. Consume a healthy diet which boosts the immunity and strength of the body and its internal functions.
  3. Say No to smoking and alcohol: Reduce the intake and eventually quit smoking, alcohol and the use of harmful addictions. These harmful products leave a detrimental impact on the entire body along with the penis and its functioning.
  4. Stay smart and fit: Those extra kilos on the machine are the starting point to a lot of physical and psychological problems including ED. Therefore one should keep a check on the machine and prevent the accumulation of fat for a healthy and satisfied living.
  5. Keep a check on your heart: ED at times becomes a symptom of cardiac issues. Thus it is important to monitor the health of your cardiac activities in check. Get regular tests and checkups done to ensure that the functioning is good.
  6. Monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels: Both of the mentioned issues can lead to ED. Thus timely monitoring of the blood sugar, pressure levels and the start of medications on time can help in reducing ED.
  7. Strengthen the adjacent muscles: The bottom muscles around the pelvic area should be exercised so that they have the strength to support the blood flow and prevent ED. Special exercises for the purposes are performed. It is better to seek help from a specialist as too much exertion can lead to pain and aches.
  8. Check the testosterone levels and increase the intimacy: At times the low levels of testosterones are responsible for ED and other sexual issues. Monitoring the levels and getting the therapies done at the right time can significantly improve the situation. Increasing the frequency of intercourse shall also help in reducing and preventing ED.
  9. Quality sleep: Adequate sleep is highly important for efficient functioning of the body. A good night’s sleep invigorates the body and helps it in performing well. A tired and distracted mind and body becomes prone to illness and issues like ED.
  10. Psychological fitness: ED is not only the result of physical issues only, but at times the root causes of the issue are mental health problems. Stress, anxiety, depression and other such problems have a negative impact on the entire personality and life of the sufferer. Be it the work life or personal life! Try to keep yourself happy and if it is not working timely consultation with the specialist can help in removing the issue.

Erectile dysfunction is a curable and preventable issue. In case the symptoms become evident one should refer to a doctor. There is no point of being embarrassed, as this is a medical issue only and not a question on one’s manhood. 

Timely diagnosis of the issue and its cause, and proper medication as per the doctor’s advice will help in reducing ED. Some tweaking in your habits and changes in your lifestyle along with the use of medicines can provide relief from the problem. You can live a healthy happy and satisfied life.

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