Sushi vs Sashimi : Difference Between Sushi And Sashimi

Some people are thinking about sushi and sashimi both are the same. But according to me, these are not the same. So, let me explain What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?

All the food lovers around the world here’s something that you would love to eat. The two most popular Japanese dishes, Sushi and Sashimi, is something that you must try once.

Peoples want to know lots of things about sashimi and sushi. So, In this article, I will try to explain all your doubts about the most popular Japanese dish sashimi and sushi.

What Is Sushi?

What Is Sushi?
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Sushi which is a famous Japanese food basically means vinegar rice. The name of the Japanese food is pronounced as soo-shee.

In the Japanese word Sushi, su means vinegar and shi means meshi, which is rice. Hence, the name goes as Sushi.

Making Process Of Sushi

To eat and serve the Sushi, follow the below-listed steps.

  • Firstly, prepare ten sushi rice.
  • Secondly, place the sheet of seaweed which is dried on a bamboo mat spread.
  • Thirdly, place the rice on the sheet.
  • Now place the fillings on the rice and then roll the bamboo mat in the shape of a cylinder and press the mat gently to give it the shape of the roll.
  • Later, remove the mat and cut the roll in small pieces.
  • Serve this roll with the soya sauce.

What Is The Sashimi?

What Is Sashimi?
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Sashimi, the name of the famous Japanese food, means pierced boy. The name of the food is pronounced as a-shee- mee. In the word, Sashi’ means pierced or stuck, and ‘mi’ means meat. This Japanese food consists of fresh and raw seafood, which are cut into thin pieces and are served with a dipping soy sauce.

Making Process Of Sashimi

To eat and serve the Sashimi, follow the below-listed steps.

  • Firstly, you need to get yourself sashimi-grade tuna.
  • Secondly, cut the onions into slices, and set them on a small dish.
  • Thirdly, take another small dish and pour the soya sauce on it.
  • Now, take the fish and slice it the way you want.
  • The Sashimi is ready. You can eat fish with sliced scallions.
  • You can also use soya sauce to add flavor to your dish.

Comparison Or Difference Between Sushi And Sashimi

difference between sushi and sashimi

Sushi vs Sashimi, both are the two most popular food items in Japan, that are served fresh. These both are of Japanese origin and delicious to eat. But both these Japanese seafood items have some significant differences that you must know before you order any.

Sashimi is a dish which consists of thinly sliced Raw meat, mainly fish, that is served without rice.

Sushi is vinegar rice that is generally served with a large number of ingredients that include cooked or raw fish.

You can quickly identify What is the difference between sashimi and sushi? when served as one is served with rice and another without rice.

Types Of Sushi

There are various types of Sushi, which depends on how the dish is presented. Here are some of the sushi dishes.

  • Makizushi : This is a type of Sushi in which is rice and seaweed rolls, and also consist of fish and vegetables.
  • Nigiri-zushi : This is the most common type of Sushi which is available. In this type of the little fingers of rice are crowned with wasabi and a fillet of cooked/raw fish or shellfish.
  • Chirashizushi : In this type, sushi rice is crowned with a different variety of Sashimi before serving it in the bowl or box.
  • Temaki-sushi : These are the cones of sushi rice, that consist of a filling of fish and vegetables that are wrapped in seaweed.
  • Inarizushi : In this type of Sushi, the sushi rice is used to prepare the fried pouches of tofu.

Types Of Sashimi

Sashimi, which is made up of the seafood items, also consist of different varieties. Let’s see some of the most popular types of Sashimi items.

  • Maguro : This type of Sashimi consists of tuna fish
  • Toro : It is made by using fatty tuna.
  • Ebi : This type is made by using prawns.
  • Saba : This is made up of mackerel fish.
  • Ika : It consists of squid
  • Tako : This is the type of Sashimi that is made by using Octopus.

One of the essential things to know is that the Sashimi, which consists of Octopus as an ingredient, is sometimes served cooked. This is because it is chewy. But those items that include tuna, salmon, and squid are not cooked but served raw.

What Is The Nutrition Value Of Sushi And Sashimi?

If we compare the Sushi vs Sashimi based on nutritional value, to get aware of which is the healthier one. Then, here are few things to have a look at.

Sushi and Sashimi both are healthy foods, but when we compare Sashimi is healthier than Sushi. The reason behind it being more beneficial is that it is made up of raw and fresh fishes, but Sushi is the foods that many times contain ingredients that are fried, spices, and even mayonnaise.

But you can take care of one thing when you have Sushi at home or a restaurant, go with the one made up of brown rice and the or who’s ingredients are fresh and non-fried.

Sashimi vs Sushi : What Is The Health Benefits?

This Japanese food is useful for cardiovascular health and the functioning of the brain.

Health Benefits of Sashimi

  1. Fewer Calories : Rice is considered to be one of the healthiest when talking about the grains. Sashimi has all the necessary calories and vitamins that help in cardiovascular health. Rice also has carbohydrates, that is essential to give the energy.
  2. It contains good fats : The three main types of fats include – Monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated. Sashimi contains fats that are polyunsaturated and tuna that is known as ‘Omega – 3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is considerably known to reduce the amount of inflammation in our body.
  3. High in Protein : Sashimi is nothing but plain fish. As we all know that fish is one of the highest sources of protein, this makes Sashimi a food item good in proteins. For the body, protein Is really good as it helps in building muscles and losing fat.

Health Benefits of Sushi

Sushi is nutritious and non-fattening food, that consists of high protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. You can add more vitamins by adding veggies to it.

  1. Helps to Manage Weight : Sushi is one food that instead of putting on weight, it helps in controlling the weight. Sushi is a great food to binge on when you are out with your friends without feeling guilty about it. There is no oil or frying involved at all.
  2. Full of Antioxidants : Sushi gives a great dose of antioxidants as it comes with Green wasabi that has antioxidant properties in it. Sushi can be a blessing to the tummy as it makes the tummy feel lighter, also it helps the individual to live longer.
  3. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids : Sushi is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that is considered as brain food. These are the nutrients that are needed by the brain in order to encourage the generation of cells. Sushi helps in increasing the concentration level as well as the memory of the individual.


I hope now you all are aware of the difference between Sashimi and Sushi. The Japanese food that you can cook at your place or can even visit Japanese restaurants, where you can easily find them and enjoy eating the Japanese delicacies.

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